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A Partner Invested in Your Success
May 16, 2017
Since the founding of our company, we at ACRT, Inc., have long taken pride in how we operate. We’re entirely independent and employee-owned. Those qualities set us apart, and with them comes a greater accountability in how we serve our customers. Every ACRT employee is fully invested in our customers’ success.
Our independence means that we have your best interests in mind at all times. We only recommend unbiased, well-founded expertise on what’s right for our customers’ systems.
The ways in which our independence impacts our customers runs even deeper. Here are some of the ways that it comes to life:
Access and Transparency
ACRT maintains an industry-leading manager-to-employee rating of 1 to 33. We operate this way all across the country because we believe in offering the same kind of attentive service to customers no matter where they are.
ACRT Operations Managers are spread out regionally to provide boots-on-the-ground service to local customers. It also enables better communication across our network of employees across the country, with local leadership that helps guide our nationwide operations.
In addition, we keep many of our operations—from human resources to billing, from IT to customer service—fully in-house. That means when a customer calls, they are dealing directly with ACRT instead of a third-party service. For instance, it means no hassling with an outside billing agency in the event of a billing hiccup. We don’t outsource our relationships with customers, because we know that those relationships make a difference.
Doing Right by Our Employees
Likewise, we’ve made the investment in these in-house resources because we believe in personal service and attention for both our customers and our employees. We believe having the right support structure in place for our employees makes a difference, leading to higher employee engagement. Research shows that employee engagement leads to higher performance and service.
We believe that our efforts have paid off in this respect. According to our annual survey, ACRT employees report higher than 90% engagement. And we believe this commitment leads to higher quality service for each one of our customers.
These are some of the investments that ACRT makes to offer unique service and support for our customers. We take care of our employees. We take care of our customers. It’s how we operate confidently, independently, and successfully.

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