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ACRT, Bermex Report High Employee Engagement
February 23, 2017
At ACRT, we recognize the power of employee engagement. Research has shown that higher employee engagement leads directly to greater productivity, longer tenure among employees, and other business-driving benefits.
According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report, just 33% of American workers report being engaged at work. Gallup calls this an “engagement crisis,” and notes that when employees are engaged, “their individual performance soars, and they propel their team and organization to improved crucial outcomes such as higher levels of productivity, safety and quality.”
ACRT built its name on safety and on doing what’s best for our customers. We believe only the best people make this possible, and continue to invest in our employees’ personal and professional growth. It’s why we’re in business.
It’s also why each year, we deploy an employee engagement survey to measure key engagement statistics. Are employees satisfied with their work? The company culture? Leadership and supervision?
We’re happy to report that the answer, according to the 2016 survey results, is a resounding “yes.” For the second year in a row, the results show that 91 percent of participants are satisfied and have positive feelings for our organization. And for their first year of participating, Bermex employees reported 85% engagement.
“We’re very happy to see that our employees are engaged in working for ACRT,” said ACRT president and CEO Michael Weidner. “We take pride in putting our employees in the right positions to grow and thrive. We strive to keep employees connected and informed about the direction of our company, our mission, and our goals. And we’re going to keep working hard to drive our employee engagement even higher”
This survey offers ACRT a key metric in determining progress in achieving our strategic goal of providing a great working experience for employees. Administered by a third party and assuredly confidential, the 2016 employee engagement survey saw a 93% participation rate among ACRT employees, and a 56% participation rate among Bermex employees.
“ACRT is among the very best companies we work with when it comes to creating an engaging and satisfying workforce and culture,” says Kristen Tull, president and owner of PRADCO, the company that provided the engagement survey. “Their commitment to measuring engagement and acting on suggestions is highly impressive.”
ACRT and Bermex both reported strong numbers across specific measures of engagement, including overall employee satisfaction (ACRT 89% and Bermex 87%), satisfaction with company culture (86% and 81%), satisfaction with supervision and leadership (87% and 89%), and overall satisfaction with work (91% and 93%).
“A great working experience is a big part of the culture we try to foster at ACRT and Bermex,” said Bob Chess, ACRT chief human resources officer. “Our employees’ indication that they enjoy working together toward our organization’s goals reflects our efforts.”

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