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ACRT Excels in Employee Engagement, Survey Indicates
July 20, 2015

AKRON, Ohio—A recently completed annual survey of engagement among employees of ACRT, Inc., a utility vegetation management (UVM) consulting firm, indicates 91 percent of participants are satisfied and have positive feelings at work.

Designed with the aim of creating and nurturing a great experience for all its employees, the survey empowers ACRT to make informed decisions for its workforce. It also offers a key metric in determining progress in achieving its strategic goal of providing a great working experience for employees.

Administered by a third party and assuredly confidential, the 2015 employee engagement survey saw a record-setting 88 percent participation rate across all employees. According to Kristin Tull, president and owner of PRADCO, the company that provided the engagement survey, not only is the response rate higher than typical, the overall engagement scores were very impressive.

“ACRT is among the very best companies we work with when it comes to creating an engaging and satisfying workforce and culture,” Tull said. “Their commitment to measuring engagement and acting on suggestions is highly impressive.”

Overall, ACRT employees indicated the greatest levels of satisfaction in Nature of Work, Safety and Relationships with Co-workers.

As defined by the survey, employees who are more engaged are more likely to be more productive, deliver higher-quality results, provide better service and will stay longer at their jobs. Additionally, companies with highly engaged employees routinely prove to have higher safety performance than companies that do not.

Nature of Work
ACRT scored 95.9 percent—its highest score—in the Nature of Work category, defined as employees’ feelings of importance and usefulness to the organization’s mission. This score indicates employees are made to feel needed, are taken seriously by their bosses and feel connected to co-workers.

“We take pride in putting our employees in the right positions to grow and thrive, both personally and professionally,” said ACRT President and CEO Michael Weidner. “We strive to keep employees connected and informed about the direction of our company, our mission and our goals.”

ACRT achieved a 95.8 percent employee satisfaction rating in the Safety category. High scores indicate that employees believe safety is a top priority for the organization, feel well-trained in safety procedures, and feel empowered to openly call attention to perceived safety concerns.

“Safety is our top priority, so we were extremely pleased to see this mindset reflected in our survey results,” said Gerald Conn, ACRT safety manager. “Safety is part of our culture and philosophy, and we’re proactive about it with our employees.”

Relationships with Co-workers
ACRT scored 94.3 percent in the Relationships with Co-workers category. This high score indicates that employees generally relate well and get along with their colleagues.

“A great working experience is a big part of the culture we try to foster at ACRT,” said Bob Chess, ACRT chief human resources officer. “Our employees’ indication that they enjoy working together toward our organization’s goals is a reflection of our efforts.”


Employee engagement is an important metric for many businesses across the United States. The polling firm Gallup, for instance, tracks employee engagement in the United States on a daily basis, offering seven-day averages each week. Based on these results, national employee engagement tends to hover around the 30 percent mark.

With that national figure in mind, ACRT is proud that its survey shows an engagement rate far above the average.

“Our people and our interactions with customers are primary focuses, and this is reflected in the work ACRT does each and every day,” Weidner said. “Our employee involvement at all levels of the organization and ongoing training are important pieces in making ACRT and our employees industry leaders.”

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